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Student Lawyer magazine reaches the largest community of law students as they lay the groundwork for a successful law career! Published quarterly, and delivered directly to students, this top member benefit is one of the most respected voices in legal education. Student Lawyer reaches over 100,000 ABA members from more than 200 law schools across the country.

Students turn to Student Lawyer magazine for content that is meaningful to the law student population:
•  study tips/course prep
•  advice from senior legal professionals
•  deep dive into different specialties/career paths of law
•  student ethics
•  internship/scholarship/competition information
•  loan repayment strategies
•  long-term employment trends
•  jobs/career placement


Publication Schedule

Jan/Feb 2020
Space reservation: 11/13/2019
Ad materials: 11/22/2019

Mar/April/May 2020
Space reservation: 2/11/2020
Ad materials: 2/24/2020

 Sept/Oct 2020
Space reservation: TBD
Ad materials: TBD

Nov/Dec 2020
Space reservation: TBD
Ad materials: TBD



Ad Size 1x (per insertion) 4x (per insertion)
Full page $4,450 $3,550
Half page $3,000 $2,500
Quarter page $2,100 $1,890
Cover positions $5,500 per insertion
*all rates include 4-color costs


Ad Size Width Height
Full Page (Bleed) 8.625” 11.125”
Full Page (Non Bleed) 7.375” 9.875”
*NOTE: Trim size of publication is 8.375” x 10.875”. For bleed, extend artwork 1/8” beyond all four edges, to arrive at Bleed Size above. Keep all text elements at least 3/8” inside all edges.
1/2-Page Island 4.5625” 7.5”
1/2-Page (Horizontal) 7” 4.875”
1/4-Page (Horizontal) 4.5625” 3.75”

Submitting files:

Please go to to submit files.

Please supply only a print-ready PDF file. We cannot accept any native application file formats (no MS Word, InDesign, Publisher, etc) or any other file format. PDF must be a hi-res, print-ready file. All raster images should be 300 dpi. All fonts must be embedded.

Do NOT include printer’s marks (crop marks, registration marks, etc) in the file submission.

Do NOT include a bleed with fractional ads unless specified.

Color ads must use CMYK color only. RGB color or spot colors (such as Pantone colors) are NOT acceptable. Black & white ads should use black only (not 4-color); images should be grayscale.

We use an on-screen soft-proofing process. You are not required to send a printed proof.

For questions regarding file submission, contact:
Meredith Targarona
307 International Circle, Suite 190
Hunt Valley, MD 21030